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Peritus can provide administration and expert witness services in a range of highly complex party wall disputes.

If you need to make alterations to a shared wall, you may want to consider that in the eyes of the law, you may be required to seek legal permission to make alterations to party walls. If you plan to carry out certain excavations, as well as build, take out, or extend a party wall, you'll need an expert party wall surveyor to provide impartial party wall advice. It's crucial to respect the impact that such party wall matters may have on the adjoining owner, particularly if the alterations could negatively affect the value or change the dimensions of their property. 

Peritus are experienced in party wall matters . Countless property owners can attest to our professionalism and in-depth industry knowledge. Call us today if you require an impartial party wall surveyor for advice.

Whether the party wall services are acting on behalf of the building and/or adjoining owner, Peritus surveyors capable will provide an efficient service throughout. You will be kept fully updated on progress and receive copies of relevant correspondence and advised of problems that are encountered.

Party wall matters can often be complex and diverse. Due to there being statutory, it can also often be a daunting experience, especially if you are being put under pressure from your neighbour. Our surveyors will be able to provide legal party wall advice and assert your legal rights as a property owner with instructions as to your next steps.

With party wall matters and disputes, we can also assist in determining a satisfactory boundary between two parties. At your instruction, we will attend the site, carry out a variety of measurements using specialised equipment, and review existing Land Registry plans. For more information, contact us

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